Filling in some spaces...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, so it IS Cranberry in the sweater amd Hollyberry just for the winter set. Since I'm such a visual person I had to change the Hollyberry picture to Cranberry in my previous post so if you're curious about how the real colors I chose look together you can scroll down to see. But then scroll back up again because I'm not done yet.

I've taken a picture of my current cable swatch ideas but can't upload it until tomorrow morning. The reason I say "current" is because I ripped out the first set to start the second set with a fresh idea. Still not loving any combination of cables in particular yet. In the back of my mind I see myself giving up the search and just knitting the Hermione Hat and mittens. But I'm just not sure I'm a cable and bobble type of gal. I like cables but those bobbles just kind of throw me off.

And the book I was trying to mention yesterday was The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches. Another Reader's Digest one. Do they make great knitting books, or what?

Last but certainly not least, you may notice a new button on the sidebar for the Knitting Olympics. I tried making my own and failed miserably (but it was so cool, it had an eagle holding yarn and everything!) so I grabbed one of Jessica's beautiful buttons. Feel free to use one of hers, just save it to your own server.

P.S. I just realized when I have to republish 5 million times, which I always do because I'm a perfectionist, Bloglines makes it look like there are multiple new posts. Sorry about that. It's just me being anal.