True Stories

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Listening to: Silkworm - Blueblood

Well, I finished the stripey socks. The math did not overpower me, the frogging didn't kill me, and by God they actually fit. I can hardly believe it. I ended up using elastic in the k2p2s at the top but I can't feel that it did any good. I've only had them on about 10 minutes and I can already feel them slip-slip-slipping down. So that sucks. But just wait till you see them. They're gorgeous.

I'm also blogging from home. Wow, it feels odd.

Also, I found out today that when I paid bills last week I accidentally sent my car payment to my landlord and (hopefully) my rent check to the bank for my car payment. I laughed so hard when I got the message from my landlord and then again on the phone with the bank lady (who was so nice and actually laughed with me a little bit) and then throughout the day every time I stopped to think about it. Damn those holiday-time bill paying sessions. Too much to do and not enough time and look what happens. Hah. The good(?) news is that the bank won't care. They'll cash the check no matter who it's made out to. Isn't that strange? I still find it strange. Mostly in a haha strange way but sort of in a creepy haha way too. I just keep picturing this big machine at the bank ripping open envelopes and eating checks whether they belong to it or not. Hilarious, yet wrong. I mean, it's made out to my landlords... What do you think: funny or creepy or both?

One last true story also has little to do with knitting so if you're here just for the knitting you might want to skip it. It has to do with music. Specifically my CDs and how I have this tradition of listening to them all, from A-Z, alphabetized by band name, every year around this time. It's a big job that takes at least a month. And in the past couple of years has been really sluggish. Mainly because, you know,
it's hard to go through 6 Black Crowes or 8 Modest Mouse CDs in a row no matter how much you like them. But this year my son had this awesome idea. He suggested, smart little guy that he is, that I rearrange the whole shebang according to ALBUM TITLE instead of band name. EUREKA! Or should I say ZAIREEKA! This whole marathon thing is just flying by this year because it feels so random! Who knew it could be this fun again?

I hope to have pictures of the Stripey Socks tomorrow. And I suppose I have to find another project to replace them. Hmm... I'll get back to you on that one.


Imbrium said...

You could always try listening to your CDs autobiographically. (I'm assuming you've seen it...if you haven't, you must especially with your excellent taste in music.)

I'm not sure what to tell you about the sock-slippage...I've never knit with elastic before. But I'm certainly glad you think they're gorgeous, even if they don't stay put.