The Last Stretch

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This weekend is kind of a blur. I got my tax refund on Friday so there was a bit of shopping had on Saturday and a tiny bit yesterday. No yarn, sadly, it was for useful things I've "needed" during the year, put them on a list, and bought them with my tax refund. Stuff like: a new frying pan, bras (not even fun fancy ones), and a square cake pan. Oh, and an annual eye exam for Kurt with new glasses to come. Oh, and a down blanket... mmm, so warm. Okay so maybe some of it was fun.

Then I went out with some friends and had a gazillion things to do yesterday. So the weekend full of knitting turned out to be just a few hours of knitting. But I did get a lot done. I re-knit the neckline: still looks like crap. Did I mention that I knit it the first time and it looked like crap? Well, it still does. I'm going to rip it out again if I finish the sleeves in time.

Speaking of sleeves, and therefore arms, I have gorilla arms. Not hairy gorilla arms but giant long gorilla arms. I'm going for the long sleeve version (I'd love to do mid-sleeves but they just sort of bug me) and I have 7 and a half inches left. Can you believe that??

Plus, I have to make up the stripe sequence on the arms soon because they'll, obviously with my gorilla arms, be much longer than the sweater is.

But one great thing: the tubular bind-off. I LOVE the tubular bind-off. I hate to admit it, but I forgot about it until I was halfway through binding off the bottom of the body. But it was sooooo worth tinking back and doing it right. Just look at this baby:

Looks just like those sweaters I've heard you can buy at the store. ;)

I hope everyone's Olympic projects are going great. I actually watched quite a bit of Olympics while knitting this weekend and it was fun. The Freestyle ski jumping especially! Hopefully they have some more of that while I knit 7 and a half more inches of sleeves in the next few days!


Imbrium said...

Oooh...that is a lovely bind off. You sweater is looking so great!

Good luck on your gorilla sleeves! ;)

(I'm sure your arms are perfectly proportioned to the rest of your body.)

gina said...

The neckline doesn't look too bad to me... maybe it just needs a good blocking?

jessica said...

Wow look at you go! Your sweater is looking great! Love that bind off, Where did you learn that... on-line somewhere?! Hehehe gorilla sleeves, too funny! I hope they go well, Knit happy!