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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Last post about the sweater. I updated the specs in the previous post with the basics.

Would I knit it again? Yes, definitely! I can see a solid color one in my future but I think it will take a lot longer: mentally AND physically.

What didn't I like about it?

1) Well, the underarms are/were really funky. I realize I forgot to grab a stitch somehow but there was quite the hole there by the time I was done (and the stitch didn't actually drop, it was just there... it was weird). I wasn't sure what the "proper" way to fix it was so I just turned it inside out and sewed it together. It puckers a little but, let's face it, not too many people look at my armpits. Still, I'd like to know why it happened, if it's a normal problem for top-down raglans, and what the real way to fix it is.

2) Knitting the neckline! Third time's a charm, I guess.

3) This is a silly little thing but I wish the pattern would have said bluntly: after you connect in the round, make sure to change colors on the side of the sweater instead of the "ends" where you were changing them before... because then they end up right in the middle of your front and are very noticable. Seemed obvious after the second stripe there but sometimes I'm a little thick and need these things pointed out.

But really, I loved it. I loved knitting it, I loved the challenge, I loved the Olympics and Knitting Olympics, it was a fun two weeks.

Next up: My scarf, which I'm not enjoying. Kurt needs new fingerless mitts too and all I want to do is knit myself another pair of socks. Boo. (You can see what's coming too? Yeah, knitting monogamy be damned...)


Carrie said...

Congratulations on the gold medal! You did a wonderful job on the sweater.