Training.... Commence!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My knitpicks order arrived on Saturday. Out of curiousity I decided to check my math, thinking that it arrived on the 14 day mark. Um, no, it arrived on the 17 day mark. So I guess I wasn't antsy for nothin'!

But it DID arrive. And in time for the Olympics! Whew. So I swatched this weekend for my Essential Stripe with my lovely misty colored Wool of the Andes. I was shocked to find that my stitch gauge was perfect but my rows are just a teensy bit shorter. Row gauge is 23 rows over 4 inches and I had 24. But I'm not too worried. I might just end up with an extra row or two of one color in there every once in awhile to even it out.

As for the beautiful yarn that I've just been drooling over here's a pic:

Oh, that's right. I took pictures with my shiny new camera phone but when I emailed them to myself I realized I forgot to attach them. Whoops. Guess I might need to consult my owner's manual after all.

Pictures on hold until I either figure out this phone (I really want to know how they look as a regular picture and not on a teeny tiny screen) or I get some with the digital.

After swatching, I jumped in and got started on my scarf. And then I frogged and jumped in again. And then I frogged and jumped in again. Or maybe I was just jumping in the pond during all my spare moments yesterday because as of last night when I went to bed the pretty Hollyberry yarn was absent from my needles once again. I started with a variation of the Irish Hiking Scarf but I didn't like my changes so I tried something else. Then finally I decided just to give in and knit the Irish Hiking Scarf as is: sort of boring three cables. But I couldn't decide on a Cast On. I think I'll check out the Knitalong and see what others have done and give it another go tonight.


Imbrium said...

Yay for the package getting there on time! That had to be so nerve-wracking. And yay for getting gauge. I wish I knew what that felt like. ;)