Olympic slow-down

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

There's something getting in the way of my Olympic knitting. It's not like I didn't see this coming. I mean, it's the main reason I really consider this sweater a challenge for Olympic purposes (the actual knitting is pretty mindless). That something getting in the way is Life. Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy at the Red house. Kurt has martial arts classes, I walk/jog on the treadmill, minor grocery shopping sometimes happens, supper needs to be cooked and eaten, violin practiced etc. etc. Last night was no exception. Below I detail the changes Life has made in my knitting:

You might have to click it to see my great Paint-style handwriting. Yeah, I got about 7 rows done last night.

But tonight, there are big plans! To knit!


On another related note: Stephanie, aka the Yarn Harlot, has freaked me out with that countdown ticker on the side of her blog. Did you know the Olympics are already 30% over with? And I barely have half a sweater body! And I'd actually rather not mention: no sleeves, no neck band, and no ends weaved in. (more on ends later)


And last, but not least. I'm so proud of my little brain sometimes. I remembered the spit joining technique in time for the body of the sweater. Not in time for the first half but just looking at these pretty little joins (that don't have any ends to weave in) makes it all okay. (Yes, I realize this is gross but man is it ever helpful.)

Again with the clicky-clicky if you want to see my Paint-talent. Particularly the little sad face by the join-that-couldn't. No one will notice though - it's right under my armpit.

And with that lovely vision, I bid you adieu!


Imbrium said...

30% over? Are you serious? Aw, crap.

But I continue to love your sweater! I may have to make myself one, after the craziness.