Friday, February 24, 2006

Who needs a digital camera when your phone takes pictures like this?

I finally went out and bought the USB Card Reader for my phones memory card (which is roughly the size of a fingernail). Why didn't I think of getting one of these before? Only $20 and I could have been transferring pics from the digital camera I borrow from work to my computer at home instead of spending my breaks doing it at work and then transferring to home. And now I can just take pictures with my phone.

Here are the ones I took of my Knitpicks order when it finally arrived. You know, the ones I tried to email to myself for $.25 and forgot to attach. Doh. That's Essential sock yarn, and Wool of the Andes for my sweater and winter set.

And lastly, here's one Kurt took of me last night ripping out the cuff of my first sleeve. After careful calculations I knit it up, tried it on several times, and then at the last minute (before binding off thankfully) realized it was STILL too short.

As of this morning one sleeve was done and the other is about six and a half inches from completion. Then reknitting the neckband. I think I'm going to make it! But I'd better get knitting.


Imbrium said...

Wow...those are from your phone? Impressive!

You're totally going to make it. Go for the gold!

jessica said...

I can't believe that is a picture from your phone... All the pictures I've seen aren't that nice... Very cool!

Your almost there! Good luck, and keep knitting! I can't wait to see it finished!