Where's my podium?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thank you for the comments about my camera phone pictures. I'm still a little shocked at the quality too! Definitely makes the purchase seem a more worthwhile. Plus, last night, I realized that my resolution has been on Medium this whole time... wow, so I turned it up to high and took a couple pictures at the show last night. More on that later.

Also in the comments, Jessica asked about the Tubular Bind-Off. I did indeed find a great tutorial online. I have one for the Tubular Cast-On as well, but I think it's bookmarked at work. I'll try to remember to post it on Monday. *edit* Here it is!

And now for what you've all been waiting for... I finished the sweater! The knitting was done Friday night, the weaving in of ends yesterday at Kurt's archery class, and also the *gasp* tacking of the V-neck point. (Marisa, I was scared doing this for a couple of inches so I can't imagine going around a whole hat!) Then I washed and blocked it in time for me to rush out the door to Fargo yesterday for the Winter Carnival.

Is that worth a gold medal or what?

Essential Stripe Sweater from Knit and Tonic in the smallest size
Yarn: Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks in Pumpkin, Hollyberry, Iron Ore, and Mist. Almost two complete balls of Iron Ore and 1+ balls of the others.
Needles: US 7, 29 inch circulars and US 7 DPN's

I'll have to add the specs later (added) or I'll be late for knitting group. Oh, and I'll show you the high-res pics and other surprises about my camera phone tomorrow. For today, I'm going to bask in my Olympic glory. :)

P.S. The completed sweater picture was actually taken with the digital camera, not my phone. It was easier to set up for the timer.


ellie said...

Your sweater is gorgeous!

gina said...

Congrats! It fits you perfectly and looks professionally-made! I didn't know you were in N.D. Brrrrrrr. The Highland Wool was a good choice, in that case!

jenna kate said...

it is so so so beautiful! the stripe sequence is so flattering, the colors are so vivid together, and the sweater looks great on you.
the wool of the andes seems scratchy in the skein - does it soften up after blocking? what are your thoughts?

Imbrium said...

So. Perfect. It looks incredible on you. Yay, gold medal!

littledevilworks said...

Beautiful! :)