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Monday, February 13, 2006

My big plans for Olympian knitting have been a bit scaled. Or rather, my big plans for documenting my Olympian knitting. Here I am, Day 4, having just taken the first pictures of my progress.

I cast on around quarter of six on Friday evening, while watching Akira Kurosawa's Dreams with my son. Beautiful, beautiful short films. I hadn't realized some would be so heavy and dark though... thank goodness the implications (nuclear explosions, radiation sickness, pollution, etc.) were almost completely lost on my son. I think our favorite was the one where a man steps into Van Gogh's paintings in order to talk to the master, played by Martin Scorcese.

Then, promptly at 7:00 pm we turned the movie off to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies. But... we got bored. So we switched between those and The Parent Trap, newer version. I like the old one better.

My goal for the sweater was to get the raglan increases completed and have it connected in the round in time for knitting group on Sunday. But with bread baking Sunday morning and house cleaning and laundry I barely managed to scrape by with connecting it in the round right before bed last night. But I did it!

At times, I've wondered if I chose a project that wasn't quite challenging enough. It seems to be flying by, and the stripes seem to make it go faster than if I had just done it solid. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. I have to admit I have been challenged, if only because of my slow little brain. I changed the first red color from the Cranberry to Hollyberry and now, even though I really like how it looks, I almost regret it. The colors are a little funky but everyone assures me it's beautiful. I had a couple short frog sessions and at least two tink back an entire row sessions. But last I left it, it was smooth sailing. Boring stockinette, reading-while-I-knit, sailing. Let's hope there's more of that tonight.

I hope everyone's Olympics are going well! I know Jessica hit a few snags. Might have just been sitting-next-to-the-Yarn-Harlot nervousness though. Just kidding, Jessica! It's more likely a bit of Debbie Bliss's fault. You should hop over to her blog and cheer her on!


ellie said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm here to cheer you on with your Olympic knitting. Go team!

Imbrium said...

It does look beautiful. Prowling around blogland, it looks like a lot of us are beginning to wonder if we misjudged what it takes to challege us. I certainly seem to be paying for my cockiness. :)

Carrie said...

I like the colors!
You're cruising right along.

Batixa said...

I love the colors!

katiedid said...

Thank you! I wish I could read your blog - you post such pretty pictures!