Flash your tools meme

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Now that everyone has probably forgotten about it, I finally got around to the Flash Your Tools meme. I took the picture this weekend (and didn't even think to snap a pic of the beginnings of the sweater) and popped the numbers on today. The box that fits all this junk, I mean, useful stuff is right on top of the number 5. A plain old cardboard checkbox. I can't believe all this stuff fits in there...

1) Rubberbands - remember when I made my own needles and then bent them and tried straightening them out by rubberbanding them together? Yeah, it didn't work. But I do use one rubberband to hold the box shut when I throw it in a bag to go knit somewhere other than on my couch.

2) Bells - I took these off my cats collars when I re-collared them in January. I thought I'd let them get used to the collar first, then the tag, them maybe put a bell on. However, they took their collars off within three days of me putting them on... repeatedly. So they're collarless again.

3) Balls and scraps of yarn - I can't seem to let things go. The balls come in handy when I need a bit of scrap yarn to hold stitches (like when I tried my sweater on last night - I used the dark blue). The scraps have specific purposes. The white one on the right if mercerized cotton so it works great for the crocheted provisional cast-on I use on my socks. The grey/ whiteish one I use to hold my stitches when I'm working a short row heel.

4) Pompom templates - Self explanatory, I think. Handmade cardboard templates.

5) Elastic/ grocery list/ scribbled notes about knee-highs. You know, I scribble on whatever is closest at the time, it works.

6) Scissors - I love these. I love them so much I don't even fold them back up unless I'm putting them in my pocket.

7) Stitch holders - Yeah.

8) Crochet hooks - Provisional cast-on, picking up stitches, etc. etc. I inherited most of my crochet hooks (I have a ton more) from my Grandma when she had to quit due to her eyesight.

9) Seam ripper - I have no idea why this is in my knitting box. I should put it away.

10) Tape measure - Uh-huh.

11) Stitch markers/ Row counter/ Darning needle - Also all inherited from my Grandma. The row counter is the coolest because it has a little tape measure inside that pulls out to measure rows.

12) Pen and pencil - I use these when I'm not typing on a computer.

And that's it. My tools.


Imbrium said...

Is it weird that I love seam rippers? I just think they're the coolest things. And if you're willing to get creative, they can be pretty useful tools.

Or, you know...it could just be me. :)

ellie said...

Oh yeah, seam rippers are the coolest. I agree. Not much use in knitting though. Thanks for sharing!